May 29, 2015




 Prices are valid until MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

 Payment by check, money order or bank wire.  Credit Card payments will incur an additional 3% charge.


Please see images of each coin throughout the website.

 We wish you a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!



1793 Wreath Cent PCGS VF30                             



1860-S Liberty Seated 25C NGC AU55                     



1855-S Liberty Seated 50C NGC AU58                     



1861 Liberty Seated 50C PCGS MS65+ CAC             



1858 Liberty Seated S$1 PCGS PR61 PQ+++        



1862 Liberty Seated S$1 PCGS MS62                       



1864 Liberty Seated S$1 PCGS PR64 CAC                 



1879-CC Morgan S$1 Capped Die NGC MS61          



1889-CC Morgan NGC AU53 ORIGINAL                      



1889-CC Morgan S$1 NGC AU58 PQ+++                



1893-S Morgan S$1 NGC XF40                                       



1893-S Morgan S$1 PCGS AU50                                   



1904-S Morgan S$1 NGC MS64                                       



1934-S Peace S$1 PCGS MS64 CAC                               



1934-S Peace S$1 PCGS MS65                                        



1875 Liberty Head $2.50 PCGS AU50 400 MTD.



1855-S Indian Princess $3 PCGS AU55                           



1812 Capped Bust $5 NGC AU58                                  



1801 Capped Bust $10 NGC AU55 PQ+++                 



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